Our corporate culture is based on 4 core values

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our main mission: Agediss is all about service! Our goal is to create a long-term relationship based on trust with every one of our customers. The quality of our services is the key factor of our success and the guarantee of our sustainability. That’s why we are constantly following up on customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvement

We are always striving to improve our processes and services. As an agile company, Agediss adapts to new customer expectations and even anticipates their needs. Our desire for progress is why we train our employees on a regular basis and encourage their creativity, and the driving force behind our CSR policy.


We take great pride in honouring our commitments to our customers, our employees and, more generally, to the environment. Respect for products is an integral part of our job: transporting and installing furniture and large items requires special care and attention, which is at the core of our expertise.


In addition to a best efforts obligation, we also aim to have an obligation to deliver results. At Agediss, we innovate to find ways to create more affordable and customised solutions for our customers. And our teams do everything in their power to ensure our service is reliable. That is how we have been able to nurture lasting relationships with our partners for more than 60 years!

Do you share our values?